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AA! - Marine life

SAA! - Shells

AB! - Birds

AF! - Mammals

CAF! - Cats

DAF! - Dogs

HAF! - Horses

MAF! - Marine mammals

AI! - Insects

AL! - Landscapes

AM! - Mushrooms

AP! - Flora

AQ! - Minerals

AR! - Amphibian and Reptiles

AS! - Maritime: boats, ships, yachts


AV! - Aviation

BA! - Buildings, ancuent ruins

BD! - Buildings, Cities

BR! - Bridges, Dams

CA! - Castles, Forts

CH! - Coaches, Carriages

CY! - Chemistry, Oil

EA! - Ethnography

ED! - Folk dance

FP! - Famous people

LH! - Lighthouses

OG! - Olympic Games

RA! - Religious Art

RB! - Art, paintings

RC! - Red Cross, Red Crescent

RD! - Artifacts

RS! - Art: sculptures, monuments

SC! - Scouting

SR! - Space

SL! - Statue of Liberty

SS! - Stamp on stamp

TA! - Automobiles

TR! - Railway, Locomotives

WD! - Walt Disney

Geo! - Geographical Maps, Globe

G-Key! - Key on stamp